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Disaster "after care": we provide CAD data, product visuals, and product brochure data for the Tri-Wall corrugated material products in the form of open source data.
Data for downloading is offered free of charge. However, given the nature of our products which may affect life and death in disaster situations, we request that a user not be anonymous. The data will be available for download once a user completes the member registration and enter the member ID and password contained in the e-mail sent when the registration is complete.


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Data Download Usage Agreement


    In this usage agreement the data for download (hereafter the gDatah) refers to electronic data files (data files that can be used in specific applications including but not limited to CAD data, PDF data, DFX data) and ArtiosCAD data. The Data and additional material made available via downloading is offered free of charge with the objective of helping those who access our Internet site to plan disaster after care and to make positive contributions to society in their respective areas.


    Konno Konpou gives users non-exclusive and non-transferable rights to do the following granted this usage agreement will be faithfully complied with.

    1. 1) Permission is given to use the Data to produce and sell products for the purpose of promoting disaster after care or positive contributions to society.
    2. 2) Permission is given to use the Data to develop ideas for new products and measures against earthquake and related disasters which will benefit our society.

    We reserve the right to modify or remove any part of the Data without prior notice.


    1. 1) Users may not remove or modify any proprietary notices including but not limited to copyright notices that are presented or embedded in the Data.
    2. 2) Users may not disclose the Data to third parties.
    3. 3) Users may not sell, transfer, or loan the Data. This prohibition does not apply to products that are created using the Data.

    Ownership rights and intellectual property rights are owned by Konno Konpou or other legitimate rights holders. The usage permission based on this usage agreement does not transfer these rights to users.


    Users shall hold the Data in confidence and are entitled to use the Data for their own personal use (or the companyfs use if the user is a corporation). Users must completely remove the Data if they transfer or resell the computer or memory device on which the Data is stored prior to doing so. Any act that violates this provision will be considered to be a violation of Article 4. PROHIBITED USE.


    If a user fails to follow at least one of the provisions of this usage agreement, the permission to use the Data based on this usage agreement will be automatically revoked. Under such circumstances the user must completely and immediately delete the Data.


    The Data shall be offered free of charge for use and consequently shall be used at usersf own risk under the following conditions.

    1. 1) The Data shall be provided gas ish without any warranty. The Konno Konpou shall not be held responsible for any problems in the Data including but not limited to inconsistency between the drawing data and the actual dimensions, malfunctions due to errors, and not meeting the userfs objective in using the Data.
    2. 2) Though Konno Konpo holds the rights to publish the Data, it does not guarantee that usage of the Data does not violate a third partyfs rights including but not limited to intellectual property rights. In the event of a dispute over a rights violation between a user and a third party, resolution of such dispute shall be up to the user and at his/her own cost.
    3. 3) Konno Konpou has no obligation to provide user support for the Data (including but not limited to responding to queries, fixing any flaws, providing updated versions). However, Konno Konpou shall release necessary information and/or to collaborate or cooperate with others in product development when the objective is deemed fit.
    4. 4) The Data shall be used by user(s) at their own risk and only after the user(s) agree to all provisions of the usage agreement. The user(s) shall bear responsibility for all issues arising from using the Data or being unable to use the Data.
    5. 5) Konno Konpou is not responsible for repairing any flaws in the Data including but not limited to errors or malfunctioning. Konno Konpou may produce a modified or updated version of the Data but provision of such version(s) will be at the sole discretion of Konno Konpou.

    Konno Konpou shall not be liable in any way for loss or damage of any kind resulting from using the Data or a userfs inability to use the Data (including but not limited to loss of profits, work stoppage, loss of business opportunities, and other direct or indirect loss). This will hold true even when Konno Konpou has been informed of the possibility of the occurrence of such loss.


    Handling of personal data

    1. 1) In handling personal data, Konno Konpou will faithfully comply with the laws and other norms concerning personal data such as the law on safeguarding personal data (hereafter the gPersonal Data Protection Lawh).
    2. 2) When we collect personal data from a user, we will use such data within the limit of accomplishing the previously publicized or notified objective.
    3. 3) Konno Konpou will not handle personal data exceeding the limit of usage objective without the userfs consent. In the event of a need to use data exceeding such limit, we will notify (inform) the user to seek consent. In the event of providing or disclosing personal data to third parties, we will do so in a manner consistent with the laws and regulations.

    The objectives for which we collect personal data

    Konno Konpou will collect and use personal data for the following purpose(s) within the limit of such purpose(s). The use of data includes analyses and statistics.

    1. 1) to comply with laws and regulations
    2. 2) to confirm userfs identities
    3. 3) to facilitate appropriate and smooth transactions and contract with user(s)
    4. 4) to improve existing services and products or to develop new services and products
    5. 5) to provide information we deem to be beneficial and necessary to user(s) including information about new services and notifications about maintenance activities (including information about malfunctioning)
    6. 6) to send necessary communication from Konno Konpou such as inquiries and confirmation following a cancellation of our services, and to collect usersf opinion data for the purpose of improving our services
    7. 7) to disseminate and advertise information and other material about our services
    8. 8) to respond to various inquiries, opinions, and requests from user(s)

    Providing personal data to third parties

    Konno Konpou will not provide usersf personal data to third parties (this excludes those that do not constitute third parties; such as contractors, business successors, and co-operators; as defined by the Personal Data Protection Law Article 23 Part 4) without usersf prior consent except for the following circumstances.

    1. 1) when disclosing or providing summarized or analyzed data to third parties including a business partner in a manner that individual userfs data cannot be identified or specified.
    2. 2) when disclosing data to comply with judicial courtfs orders and other determination, decrees, or laws and regulations.
    3. 3) when disclosing data in response to inquiries from the prosecutorfs office, police, and regulatory government agencies
    4. 4) when necessary to protect human life, body, or property
    5. 5) when local administrative agencies request cooperation where large scale disaster such as an earthquake occurred

    Voluntary submission of personal data

    Users voluntarily submit their personal data. However, our services are not available to those who fail to provide required data items.


    This usage agreement constitutes a legal contract that indicates an agreement concerning the use of the Data between an individual user and the Konno Konpou.
    In the event that any provision of this usage agreement shall be held by a court to be invalid in judicial proceedings, the remaining portions of this usage agreement shall remain in full force and effect. For all matters related to this usage agreement and the Data, the applicable law shall be the law of Japan. In the event of a dispute, Sendai District Courtfs Ishinomaki branch shall have exclusive jurisdiction for trial.

Enacted on March 11, 2015